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Many public companies became subject to the new revenue recognition rules when they filed their first quarter Form 10-Qs in 2018. It appears the SEC may not have wasted any time in beginning to issue comments. The following was noted in a comment letter that became publicly available:

We note your disclosure which states you adopted ASC 606 in the first quarter of 2018 and the adoption did not result in significant changes to the timing or nature of your revenue recognition. We also note that the disclosure of the disaggregation of revenue from contracts with customer in Note 4.  Please tell us your considerations of the other disclosures set forth in ASC 606-10-50 (e.g. explanations of your performance obligations, transaction price allocated to remaining performance obligations, transition, etc.).  We remind you of the guidance in Rule 10-01(a)(5) of Regulation S-X, which would elicit both annual and interim periods financial statement disclosures prescribed by new accounting principles and practice in each quarterly report in the year of adoption.

As public companies get ready to prepare for their second quarter Form 10-Qs, we believe it would be beneficial to review the above comment and make all required disclosures.