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Mutual funds have begun disclosing their say-on-pay votes.  The disclosures are being made on Form N-PX.  Here is an example of the disclosure that T. Rowe Price Index Trust, Inc. made when they apparently voted against Abercrombie & Fitch Co.’s executive pay:


Ticker:       ANF            Security ID:  002896207

Meeting Date: JUN 16, 2011   Meeting Type: Annual

Record Date:  APR 27, 2011

#     Proposal                                                         Mgt Rec   Vote Cast    Sponsor

1     Elect Director Lauren J. Brisky                     For       For          Management

2     Elect Director Archie M. Griffin                   For       For          Management

3     Elect Director Elizabeth M. Lee                   For       For          Management

4     Elect Director Michael E. Greenlees            For       For          Management

5     Elect Director Kevin S. Huvane                   For       For          Management

6     Advisory Vote on Say on Pay Frequency   One Year  One Year     Management

7     Advisory Vote to Ratify Named Executive For       Against      Management

      Officers’ Compensation

8     Declassify the Board of Directors                For       For          Management

9     Ratify Auditors                                             For       For          Management

10    Amend Omnibus Stock Plan                       For       For          Management

11    Amend Omnibus Stock Plan                       For       For          Management

12    Require Independent Board Chairman      Against   For          Shareholder

Want to know who voted for and against your executive compensation?  Try these steps using EDGAR’s full text search engine:

  • From the SEC home page, select “Search for Company Filings”
  • Select “Full text search” on the next page
  • Select “Advanced search page” on the next page
  • In the Search for text box, enter your company’s name.  Then select Form N-PX from the drop down box.  Then press “Search”.

Check frequently for updates on the Dodd-Frank Act and other important securities law matters.

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