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Section 942(a) of the Dodd-Frank Act eliminated the automatic suspension of the duty to file under Section 15(d) of the Exchange Act for asset-backed securities, or ABS, issuers and granted the SEC the authority to issue rules providing for the suspension or termination of such duty.  The SEC has issued final rules to implement this provision of the Dodd-Frank Act.

Exchange Act Section 15(d) generally requires an issuer with a registration statement that has become effective pursuant to the Securities Act to file ongoing Exchange Act reports with the SEC. Prior to enactment of the Dodd-Frank Act, Exchange Act Section 15(d) provided that for issuers without a class of securities registered under the Exchange Act the duty to file ongoing reports is automatically suspended as to any fiscal year, other than the fiscal year within which the registration statement for the securities became effective, if the securities of each class to which the registration statement relates are held of record by less than 300 persons. As a result, the reporting obligations of ABS issuers, other than those with master trust structures, were generally suspended after the ABS issuer filed one annual report on Form 10-K because the number of record holders was below, often significantly below, the 300 record holder threshold.

The Dodd-Frank Act removed any class of ABS from the automatic suspension provided in Exchange Act Section 15(d) by inserting the phrase, “other than any class of asset-backed securities.” Consequently, ABS issuers no longer automatically suspend reporting under Exchange Act Section 15(d). Instead, the Dodd-Frank Act granted the SEC authority to “provide for the suspension or termination of the duty to file under this subsection for any class of asset-backed security, on such terms and conditions and for such period or periods as the Commission deems necessary or appropriate in the public interest or for the protection of investors.” 

As adopted, Exchange Act Rule 15d-22(b) provides that the duty to file annual and other reports under Section 15(d) is suspended:

  • As to any semi-annual fiscal period, if, at the beginning of the semi-annual fiscal period, other than a period in the fiscal year within which the registration statement became effective or, for shelf offerings, the takedown occurred, there are no ABS of such class that were sold in a registered transaction held by non-affiliates of the depositor and a certification on Form 15 has been filed; or
  • When there are no ABS of such class that were sold in a registered transaction still outstanding, immediately upon the filing with the Commission of a certification on Form 15 if the issuer has filed all required reports for the most recent three fiscal years.

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