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Monday May 16, 2016 was the first day JOBS Act Title III crowdfunding could be used. Below are links to some portals and other information.


The StartEngine portal features five offerings, including Graphic Armor, Inc. Graphic Armor is in the business of full-color custom condom printing and is looking to raise $100,000. According to the information on the portal, Graphic Armor believes it is the only company in the world to offer FDA-cleared condoms that feature photo-quality custom print right on the latex.  The Company is not aware of any potential competitors, and notes the time, expense and effort required to secure FDA 510(k) clearance is significant.  You may have not known this, but apparently condoms are regulated by the FDA.


SeedInvest has two offerings. StartMart Cleveland is a coworking space that fuels the growth of new business. MF Fire is an app-driven, ultra-clean wood stove, engineered for the perfect burn, with a sales pipeline of $3,000,000.

Other looks to specialize in Hollywood type activities but no offerings are listed on the home page, perhaps some are available if you register.

Likewise, Jumpstart Micro has been approved as a portal and asks you to register to find out more.

CrowdBoarders boasts a minimum investment size of $10.

FINRA has this list of approved portals but not all of the links work, at least for me.

As of the time of this writing, 17 issuers have filed a Form C with the SEC, which is the requisite filing to commence crowdfunding.

We of course are not endorsing any of these offerings or portals.


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