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The FTC explained it was undertaking the following regulatory reform steps in a press release:

  • New groups within the Bureau of Competition and the Bureau of Consumer Protection are working to streamline demands for information in investigations to eliminate unnecessary costs to companies and individuals who receive them.
  • Both enforcement Bureaus are reviewing their dockets and closing older investigations, where appropriate.
  • The entire agency continues to work to identify unnecessary regulations that are no longer in the public interest.
  • The Bureau of Consumer Protection is actively reviewing closed data security investigations to extract key lessons for improved guidance and transparency.
  • The Bureaus of Consumer Protection and Economics are working together to integrate economic expertise even earlier in FTC investigations to better inform agency decisions about the consumer welfare effects of enforcement actions.
  • Acting Chairman Ohlhausen has established a new capability within her office to collect and review ideas on process streamlining and operational efficiency opportunities from across the agency.