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The CFPB has adopted three final rules that deal with its procedures and practices related to enforcing federal consumer financial law.  The three final rules deal with the agency’s investigative and adjudicative processes and its interactions with state law enforcement authorities.  The three final rules are:

  • Rule Relating to Investigations: This rule describes the CFPB’s procedures for investigating whether persons have engaged in conduct that violates federal consumer financial law. This rule sets forth the CFPB’s authority to conduct investigations, including the procedures for issuing civil investigative demands. It also describes the rights of persons from whom the CFPB seeks to compel information in investigations.
  • Rules of Practice for Adjudication Proceedings: Under this rule, the CFPB can conduct administrative adjudications (hearings) to ensure or enforce compliance with federal laws and regulations.
  • State Official Notification Rule: This rule is designed to help the CFPB stay informed about state-level legal developments relating to the Dodd-Frank Act. It describes the process through which state officials update the agency on certain legal actions they bring to enforce compliance with certain provisions of the Dodd-Frank Act and regulations the CFPB may issue. Proper notification will help ensure that the law is being enforced in a consistent manner. 

Check frequently for updated information on the JOBS Act, the Dodd-Frank Act and other important securities law matters.

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